About Us

In a small town renowned for its metallurgical prowess, a young apprentice named Shane embarked on a journey of discovery. Fascinated by the art of joining metals, he delved into the world of welding. From the captivating sparks of the arc to the transformation of molten metal, the process mesmerized him.

But it wasn’t just the technique that caught his attention. It was the tales told by the veteran welders, the stories of magnificent bridges built, of spacecrafts welded to precision, and of sculptures that stood tall in city squares. Each weld held a story, a mark of craftsmanship, passion, and precision.

WeldWiki was born from Shane’s vision to bridge the gap between the experienced and the learners, to ignite the flame of curiosity in new generations, and to build a community bound by the shared love for the craft.

Today, WeldWiki stands as a beacon for welders worldwide, a place where knowledge meets passion, where techniques are honed, and where stories are shared. From the basics of welding to the nuances of metallurgy, from safety practices to the latest innovations, WeldWiki is your ultimate welding encyclopedia.

Join us in our mission to shape, share, and celebrate the world of welding.

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